We moeten weer knallen

A commission by Stichting KOP

Life must be a celebration, right? In today’s society, being happy is becoming the main focus. Yet there were never so many burn-outs and depressions as there are now. More and more people experience social pressure and pretend to feel better than they actually do.

Part of the installation is a series of photographs made by Beau van de Rijdt. The series, named ‘Het licht houdt ons wakker’ takes the viewer through several stages that characterize the way to a burn-out. The festive balloons are in stark contrast with the photographs.
Additionally, passer-by receive a small gift which consists a printed balloon. The balloon is a metaphor for your energy, it is fragile. Be careful with it, or you will break at one point.

This work is part of the project ‘HEADLINERS’, by presentation platform KOP. Four times a year, KOP gives an artist or a designer the opportunity to respond to a topical issue.